Meet the team

Meet the team working for India Craft Summit 2023-24. Our team members are master craftsmen, museum personnel, administrators, artists and researcher, art directors, curators writers, entrepreneurs, and young graduates. The members of ICS advisory board and the team are working together, voluntarily and are comprised of professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Advisory Board

Padma Shri B.R. Pandit

Eminent ceramic artist, Mumbai

Dr. Madan Meena

Director, Adivasi Academy, Vadodara

Vikash Vaibhav

IG, IPS, Home Guard, Bihar

Vijoy Prakash

Chairman, Atal Incubation Centre, Patna

Rahul Ranjan

Program Officer, EPCH, New Delhi

Core Team

Sunil Kumar

Director | Folkartopedia Foundation

Suman Singh

Director | Research and development

Bipin Kumar

Director | Creative projects

Dr. Alok John

Director I ICS Programs


Editorial Director | Content

Aditi Raman Karn

Curatorial Assistant | ICS Exhibitions

Manjari Singh

ICS Administrator

Neha Pandey

Manager | ICS Operations

Pushpanjali Singh

Manager | Programs & Outreach

Anup Singh

Officer | Production & Logistics

Riya Khanna

Officer | Liaison & fundraising

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